Are You Ready For The One Bill Change On August 1st?

We hope that you are aware now that from August 1st 2022 we will be stopping One Bill and you will be billed separately for electricity, heating, water and internet, based on your usage.

From this date there will be no more One Bill charges.

This landing page repeats information that has been shared already over email, and contains instructions for you to get set up with the providers for these utilities mentioned below.

If you don’t do these things, you may experience disruption to your services.

What Do I Need To Do Next?

You must make sure your standing order is updated from August 1st 2022 to only include your rent payment and not One Bill.

All utility payments from this date are payable directly to the relevant supplier detailed below:

Electricity & Heat: Vital Energi

  • You will be provided with a supply agreement from Vital Energi ( which you will be required to sign. This will include instructions for how to set up a direct debit. Payment will be due within 14 days of the invoice being issued.
  • A combined electricity and heat bill will be issued directly by Vital Energi which will be based on your flat’s individual consumption.
    Electricity charges will comprise of a fixed charge of £68.53 per annum and a variable charge of £0.12522 per kWh. Heat charges will comprise a fixed charge of £288.80 per annum and a variable charge of £0.06775 per kWh. All rates are inclusive of 5% VAT.
  • Bills will be issued monthly with the first bill being issued in early September for the period 1 August to 31 August.
  • The electricity tariff is based on the current contract, which expires on 30 September 2022, and as seen in the general market, we are expecting the rates to substantially increase from 1 October 2022. We’ll notify you of the new rates at least 30 days in advance.

Water: Essex & Suffolk Water

  • From August 1st 2022 an account will be set up for you by Essex & Suffolk Water; they will then send you a welcome letter with all the information you need to manage or update your account.
  • You will be billed for water directly from Essex & Suffolk Water. We understand that the water charges are based on a fixed charge of £43.74 per annum and a variable charge of £1.4907 per cubic meter of water consumed.
  • The sewerage charges are based on a fixed charge of £63.58 per annum and a variable charge of £0.9488 per cubic meter of water consumed. These rates should remain in place until 31 March 2023.
  • You will receive an invoice every six months and you will be billed based on the amount of water you use.
  • You’ll have access to a range of services provided by Essex & Suffolk Water including financial support schemes and access to our priority services register where you can sign up for a number of services, including providing literature in another language and setting up a password.

Internet Wifi Access: Glide – Must Be Registered By August 1st

  • You must register with Glide on 1st August to be able to access any internet and Wifi throughout the building.
  • It is not possible to register your connection via the services detailed below before 1st August.
  • All current access both inside your flat and in the communal areas will continue as normal until 10am on 1st Aug. At this time the switch over to the new service will occur. Between 10am and 1pm there will be no internet access anywhere in the building whilst the new service is activatedPlease therefore make alternative arrangements if you require any internet access during these hours. From 1pm the new service will be live. In order to access wifi in your flat and any communal areas you will need to sign up and accessing wifi in the communal areas will now be linked to your flat’s service.
  • To access wifi in your flat and throughout all communal areas of the building you will need to choose one of three different services from Glide based on your speed preference (the current wifi speed is 300 Mbps):
    • Base speed (100 Mbps) – £25 per month
    • Upgrade 1 (300 Mbps) – £35 per month
    • Upgrade 2 (1 Gbps) – £45 per month
  • The charges above are payable on a rolling monthly basis.
  • The linked document from Glide gives you the step by step instructions of how to sign up. If you would like a hard copy of this please come to reception.

If you do have any specific questions, please do get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will do our best to get back to you.